Winter 2016

(CNN)A very brutal blast of cold and frigid air is sweeping throughout the U.S. and has wreaked havoc on many roads in Virginia as well as South Carolina, leaving as many as three dead in vehicle wrecks Saturday, authorities stated.

It is a 55-automobile crash on a very icy stretch of I-95 in Baltimore that has left at least two people dead.  Many motorists stranded for several hours as of about 5 a.m. on Saturday, according to Harvey Ostrow, an Allstate Arlington Va insurance agent who offers car insurance in Arlington Virginia was involved in the scene. Fifteen victims were additionally taken to nearby hospitals.
A video which was recently posted on social media illustrated a fuel truck flipping over into a median on the highway close to the Washington Boulevard exit before erupting into flames. A man is overheard asking, “What the heck is going on?” as flames and smoke rise into the air from underneath the highway.
“This is the worst accident that we’ve seen,” an Allstate South Carolina insurance agent who offers car insurance in Simpsonville South Carolina adds.
Emergency automobiles have descended onto this scene, and they are stalling traffic for many miles.  This is now leading some authorities to encourage these stranded travelers on both sides of the highway to keep warm and calm and shelter in place in their vehicles.
In northern Virginia, some authorities have responded to more than 40 different traffic accidents, and some are involving multiple vehicles. This is according to the state police.
At Dulles Airport, just outside of D.C., extreme icy conditions have now forced the closure of airport runways for most of the morning. Two runways have now been reopened at about 11 a.m.
Nationally, there have now been 1,870 flight cancellations, according to FlightAware.
These highly dangerous conditions arrived as many people have initiated their holiday travel plans early.

Flight delays

Traffic and road closures

Subfreezing temperatures

 New York, Washington, and Boston have now had extremely cold temperatures Saturday, with the wind chill ranging from minus 10 to minus 35 degrees at the time in some locations from Pennsylvania up into Maine.

In California, there are real flood concerns

Rain, the wind, as well as snow, are now also impacting a majority of California from this recent round of weather that has now moved in from the Pacific.
“Some areas have also seen more than 7 inches of new rain with wind gusting more than 50 mph,” reported one Laguna Hills California Allstate agent.
Upcoming coastal storms will also usher in the frost and freeze warnings in California along with some gusty winds as well as mountain snowfall on Saturday. Officials additionally are quite concerned about potential mudslides that can sometimes be triggered when rain hits these drought-stricken areas.